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The Studio

Deep relationship with sound.

I'll never forget when at 14 years old I first plugged my electric guitar into my computer... it was a total disappointment ... it didn't sound at all like my favorite records . From that day on, an uninterrupted, exciting and endless quest began to find the best way to produce and treat sound.

I gathered along the years a lot of knowledge and equipments that I 'm now able to share to reveal the best out of your music.


The Sound You Deserve

I am a musician but also passionate about technique and engineering. Thus, I gathered at the Blue Opal Studio a selection of some of the best gear available to get your music to a professionnal level.

I choosed to trust Antelope for my monitoring and convertor.

A Magic Room

In the heart of the historic center of Toulouse, France, surrounded by a XIV century brick wall, hides my magic room. The porosity of the bricks, the shape and volume of the room makes it one flattest and best sounding room I know.


It was initially, and still is, my personal production studio that I gradually transformed into a mastering spaceship to work on the music of others. 

I know the sound of this room by heart as I listened to hours of hours of music of every gendra everyday.

Hajna - Damien Carissimo.jpg

About Me

Also known as Hajna, I'm a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer recognized worldwide for  my sensitivity and my ear. Better known for co-producing in 2018, at what will become the Blue Opal Studio, the single Miniyamba alongside the singer Mina Shanka and famous DJ/Producer Yeahman.



I now decide to put all my knowledge and sound expertise at the service of the music of others.

As  a music producer and a sound nerd, I’m well put to understand your difficulies and your needs. So feel free to reach me through the process to discuss about your intentions in order to achieve the most accurate and relevent sound possible.


Class A Mastering Chain


Focal Twin 6 Be
Adam A5X + Sub 8
Avantone Mix Cube
Antelope Satori R4S Monitoring Controller

Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

Analog Gear

Shadow Hill Industries Mastering Compressor
Chandler Limited EMI TG 12345 Curve Bender
SSL Fusion
Antelope Pure 2
Flock Audio Patch


Wavelab Pro 11

FabFilter Suite

Izotope Ozone 9 + RX 9

Weiss Complete Collection

TC electronic Brickwall HD-DT

Eventide SplitEQ


Flux Pure Analyzer
Youlean Loudness Meter
Sonarworks Reference 4

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